The Commentator November 2017 Edition

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These children have no family, no home to return to.


In third world nations, some poor have their children stolen from them.


These poor try to report these crimes or seek help.

Foreign Affairs

They have no hope.

bullied and harassed into silence

However they are only bullied and harassed into silence, even when going to capitals and pleading with top officials to listen to their case.

All the while, parents of stolen children are painfully aware of what has happened to their daughters, what shame and indignity their daughters are forced to endure - and they can do nothing. They have no voice. They do not have our freedoms. And those women sold into slavery have no voice. Their freedoms are taken from them. Whether they are American women and children, they will suffer the same fate as the poorest of the poor taken from remote villages in the far corners of the globe.


hey are all mistreated in the same way. They are all seen as human commodities, good only for serving as many as 10-12 men a day, every day until they die of AIDS or are killed because they are sick or pregnant. All these women are told that if they try to escape, a call will be made back home where their family or their child will be killed. If they attempt to escape, they or their families will be killed. If they commit suicide, their family will be killed. If someone attempts to help them, their family will be killed.

The network of traffickers is so strong and the profits are so high that no official wants to see the crimes exposed, especially as they are often receiving a kickback or commission from traffickers.

What would you do in this situation? What could you do? You wake up everyday, being used by the filth of the earth. Human trafficking has become the third largest trade around the world, after drugs and weapons. But it doesn't even slightly receive the same amount of attention and scorn as the drug trade and illegal arms trade.We are doing what we can to investigate into this industry and to restore the lives of those who have managed to break away. We will do what we can and we urge you to do what you can.

Donate what is within your means to help us fight this battle. Inform us if you have any information on this issue, those missing, those enslaved, or those at risk.