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Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Was his body removed?


While most are not too sure, a careful look at the records will confirm what really happened


According to Jewish law, the corpses of convicted criminals must be reburied in the criminals’ graveyard.

Foreign Affairs

Also, according to law, they could not be left on the cross during the Sabbath

Being the well-respected member of the council, J of A could not ignore the law.

Indeed, it was his job to help enforce it. So, what was he to do? It is very likely that other criminals were also placed in this tomb from time to time. As for Jesus, J of A had to place Jesus’ corpse in the tomb as he died just as the Sabbath was about to start. Being a strict observer and enforcer of the law, J of A could not attempt to bury Jesus when he died in the criminal’s graveyard as he would be violating the law of the Sabbath. Much is said of why J of A acted the way he did. If we were to take the claim that J of A was a closet Christian to be true, then that alone would ensure that he would have acted strictly within the law. Why? The bible itself makes this clear.


Imagine J of A, a highly respected member of the ruling council appearing to bend the application of the law to this same Jesus and the attraction he would be getting! Most unlikely! Indeed, if he were a closet Christian, J of A, like Peter, would not want to appear to be a Christian. As such, he would enforce the law - right down to the letter!

They are forced to work to return their travel debts. In reality, their debts will never be paid off.

As a world in the 21st century we teach our children the horrors of history. We tell our children about the slave trade of Africans to the Americas. We speak of the atrocities that were committed. We speak of noble ideals and shun the thought that these things ever occurred in our history.Once they enter another country, their passports are confiscated in order to prevent escape.

They will remain as sex slaves until they die of diseases or are killed. Many living in poverty also sell their kids off to earn a little extra money. Children are sold directly into the hands of traffickers.